New Moon Lodge started with a dream: The dream of a newly married couple, Lloyd & Patsy Moen, to build and operate a top quality fishing and hunting resort. They wanted to make it a special place where people could come to get away from all the pressures of everyday life while enjoying both the serenity and the excitement of Lake of the Woods.

Both Lloyd & Patsy grew up in the area. Lloyd was born in a log cabin right in Morson. His parents owned Moen’s Camp and he worked at the resort with them from the time he was 12 years old. Patsy came to work for them when she was 17. Romance blossomed soon after along with their desire to create their own island retreat.

In 1955, they purchased a 4 1/2 acre wilderness island about 12 miles NW of Morson. They cleared the land and started building. They were open for business with one cabin and the main lodge in the summer of 1957. In the ensuing years, they raised their family of three, while constantly striving to improve New Moon Lodge into what is now a thriving business with 7 cabins, capable of taking care of up to 28 people. We, their sons and daughters-in-law, Dwight & Donna, Rocky & Kathy, worked right alongside them until Lloyd & Patsy retired from the day to day operations in 1989. They continue to be an important part of New Moon Lodge and will usually be at the landing in Morson to greet you when you arrive.

To learn more about us and the development of New Moon Lodge, check out our Annual Newsletter page. The bulletin, sent out each year since 1958 as letters to our guests, gives quite a detailed history of how a dream became a reality.