Welcome to our new website

We are proud to announce the official launch of our new website.

We hope you enjoy the new Design website,
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If this is your first time here, welcome!

Happy New Year!

From our family to yours,
we wish you a very Healthy and Happy New Year!

May all your fish be big ones,
like this one that put a smile on Kevin’s face.

A Lake of the Woods Sunset

Even Diesel appreciates the beauty of one of our Lake of the Woods’ sunsets!

Spring 2012

The new season has begun! Our first guests arrived May 18, ready to hit the waters on opening day.

We have had some cool weather after a very warm, early spring-ice was off the lake by the beginning of April! But today the sun is shining, and the waters are calm, and everyone is out enjoying their day on Lake of the Woods. Some of last week’s catches!

20 Year Vets

Dennis Sall and Al Peterson from Chicago, IL are the newest members of our 20 year club!
They have been visiting us each year since 1992 and so their trip this July marked their 20th year.

We wish to express our appreciation for both their friendship and patronage.